The mission of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, is to house and preserve its preeminent collections and to serve a wide variety of people through direct encounters with works of art in a manner that is engaging, varied, and accessible. These goals are upheld daily by its many dedicated workers and are not achievable without them.

The MFA Union brings together a diverse group of people with varied backgrounds, experiences, and ideas who work across the museum—as educators, conservators, front line staff, curators, fundraisers, IT specialists, administrative staff among many other roles. As union members, we are all joining this collective to gain agency and transparency around the matters that impact our daily work lives and livelihood.

By working together with each other in a union, our combined power will put us in a stronger position to negotiate the terms of our employment including equitable hiring practices at all levels, fair compensation, support for work/life balance and support for care responsibilities, benefits, safety, workplace rights, and more. Labor justice and all forms of justice, including racial justice, are inherently linked. It will take our collective voices raised in unison to create a just workplace for all. We believe that a union can help achieve this in a way that is respectful, caring, and constructive, and can be a positive aspect of museum life.

Together, we can lead the growth and future of our museum, making it a better and more equitable place for us, for visitors, for future employees, and for wider communities. In unity there is power.