The workers of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston are unionized with a landslide victory of 133-14.

We would like to thank every individual who has and continues to contribute to our organizing process. On November 20th, MFA Union reached a milestone in our unionization process and won in a vote with a margin of 113-14 in favor of unionizing with Local 2110 of the UAW. We still have a lot of work to do—including negotiating a contract—but we are thrilled to be able to stand together with our colleagues and work on moving forwards.

Museum staff breathe life into a static building full of objects. Just as there are “plans of care” for the amazing works in the MFA’s collection, there must also be roadmaps for caring for the people that make the collection come alive. A union will allow us—as a collective—to have a seat at the table to help form this pathway forward. When major decisions are made, we will have a voice. A union will make the MFA a more sustainable and better workplace, one that values staff and their many varied contributions. It can and should be a positive, respectful, and deeply caring way to shape the institution in its future.

Mission Statement

We are the workers of the MFA, joining together to gain agency and transparency in matters that impact our daily lives. Together we can lead the growth and future of our museum. In unity there is power.

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The MFA has been working towards unionizing technical, office, and professional workers since summer 2019. There has never been a better time to organize in arts and cultural institutions.

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